sovhouselogoOur Leather Family, officially came into existence in 1999. A small group of close friends attending the Black Rose BR99 weekend decided that since we felt we were already a “family” in spirit, we should become one in name. So, together, founding members – Bo, Miss Cleo Vale, Domina Skye, Jonathan Vale and Lady Kayla became one as Sovereign House.

Though our styles vary, our common thread is a strong belief inĀ Consensual BDSM and a feeling of responsibility to pass on the skills and lessons we have learned from others.

Being united as a Leather Family gives us a focused entity that helps us promote our shared core beliefs and serve the BDSM community.

You’ll find that although we make it a point not to take ourselves too seriously we are extremely passionate about our lifestyle and protecting it and those who wish to be part of it!

Sovereign House