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De Tails Toys- Our own Bo (aka Master J) & Skye are the owners of DeTails Toys. One of the most popular flogger companies in the country. Visit them for the lowest price high quality floggers around! Same price for custom or stock items. You could easily pay TWICE the amount for the same quality elsewhere, but why would you want to?

TES (The Eulenspiegel Society)- The oldest and largest educational BDSM organization in the country and hosts of TES Fest in NYC. For most of us, this is our home group.

TES Novice Group- Our own Bo and Lady D are the facilitators of TES' Novice group. If you are in the NYC area and new to the scene you should definately check out their monthly Novice Meetings and Novice Excursions.

Delano Bound- DeLano's web site. Full of lot's of pics and bondage, Bondage, BONDAGE!!

Widows Walk- Domina Skye's web site filled with tons of NYC area scene pictures, art, etc etc.

Tickling DVD's and Clips- If your into tickling, then you want to check out Bo's tickling clips site.

The Estate - Service is it's own reward- A different kind of leather family run by our good friend Flagg and his partners in crime, Sir C & Soulhuntre. Their number one goal is "To prove that despite the belief of the "soft" BDSM community there is a subset of those who are suited for service." They are a fascinating, very intense bunch who take their BDSM seriously.

BleuFetish Videos- This is the home page for BleuFetish Videos. This is the family business that makes various fetish DVD's and clips including the tickling content that is available at above.

Master Taino's Leather Family- A Daddy and his family from the Washington DC area. This is one of the people that Bo (our daddy/patriarch) respects most in the scene! Master Taino is a shining example of how wonderful a Master can be. Loving and caring yet firm and wise and so much more.

The Cartoon World of Lil' Pengy- Our favorite enlightened penguin and his twisted friends make us laugh out loud, again and again. Animated cartoons and comic strips.

Uncle Abdul's Electricity Page- This guy "wrote the book on Electricity play". No.. really... he did.. and it's called "Juice". If your interested in playing with Electricity you need to check out this site

Lolita's Predictions & Predilections- The one and only Lolita! One of the most influential & active members of our community keeps us up to date via her weekly newsletter!

Black Rose- Hosts of the amazing yearly "BR" weekends in the Washington DC area. Approx. 2000 people attend from all over the country. Sovereign House has been there every year since the first one!

Rainbow Rope- THE place to buy scene rope and medical equipment and good friends of the Family!

Helios Project- Great place to get beautiful Hemp rope and a great "lifestyle community" website from from our friends Angeline and Cyd!

Creative Adult- Designers of this website as well as many other adult related sites such as Domina Skye's, and This is Master J's "adult" version of his web design company.


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