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LaineHailing from the San Francisco Bay area, Laine has been participating in the BDSM community since the mid 90's.

Focusing on spirituality through service, and devotional submission, she has devoted much of those years to learning and teaching aspects of service and protocol. Laine has taught at such events as Janus, TES, Screwup, The Exiles, NOBLE, The Temple of Atonement at Burning Man and many more.

Laine was formerly known as Mercedes while she was collared to her previous Owner, Madame Gina Grant. Currently uncollared, she is taking a break from slavery to explore topping and more power-neutral relationships.

Having trained and served as a majordomo, as well as a house steward in a victorian household, she has a unique perspective on service not often found in the BDSM community, and is eager to share it, and to learn from others.

Laine is also known as Pony Cayenne and can be found doing ponyplay at Camp Crucible, Folsom St. Fair and SF Pride. She is lucky to have a handler on both coasts to support her equine endeavors.


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