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Lady D

Lady D has been a part of the nyc bdsm community since 1997, approximately one year after she started playing privately with a boyfriend, and realized she wanted to know more... lots and lots more.

Lady D was lucky enough to find TES when she ventured out into the BDSM scene and eleven years later, she has not left yet. She is the co-facilitator of the Novice Group & Novice Excursion with her Daddy Bo.

From the year 2000 until around the end of 2003/2004 Lady D was the secretary of the NYC Defenders.

June 6, 2003 will live in her heart forever, it is the day that her heart stopped beating for about thirty seconds, and her eyes almost fell out of her head as she was initiated as a family member of Sovereign House. (For more on D's reaction to being initiated into the family click here).

After many years as a play partner, submissive and friend Lady D was Collared and became the property of her Daddy Bo on the 5th of November 2004. (For more info and pics on this event click here)

In February of 2007 Lady D met the love of her life, her best best, (besides her Daddy) her boyfriend Skully.

Lady D feels very blessed to have found a community of friends, a leather family and boyfriend. "This community and this family doesn't let anyone go at it alone, that in and of itself is such a blessing, no matter how much one may fight it, no one lets you go at it alone".



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