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A former owner of a successful rope business, Katie spent much time vending her hand finished hemp rope at lifestyle and industry events throughout the country, and has taught classes sharing her personal hemp rope finishing techniques to interested rope bondage practitioners. A rope bondage enthusiast herself, Katie loves the opportunity to "get stuck" in rope, and sees her relationship with rope finishing as more a labor of love than just an occupation.

Katie's worn many hats and traveled many paths since first getting involved in the BDSM community in 2001, and feels lucky and privileged that her journey is making her a wiser and better person, learning valuable lessons in the process and clarifying her own life path.

Katie feels incredibly blessed in the gifts she has received along the way, most recently including a loving (yet never boring) marriage to FifthAngel. She is most thankful to her Sovereign House family as she would never have met FifthAngel had it not been for her Unky Bo’s matchmaking skills at Camp Crucible 2006.

In her spare time, Katie also enjoys traveling, hiking, going on annual pilgrimage to the Black Rock Desert to reconnect with her Burning Man family, and most recently has been bitten with the "rock climbing bug" (which is FifthAngel's fault, naturally). Katie currently resides in Denver where she is studying Veterinary nursing, caring for her dog and cats, and missing her Leather family.


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