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Black Rose 04 - Full Story With Pictures!

Sovereign House celebrated the holidays a bit early again this year with their yearly visit down to Washington DC for the wonderful Black Rose 2004 Weekend. This year was the familys 5-year anniversary as we formally became "Sovereign House" 5 years ago at BR99.

Lady D gets a little prick on her finger

Lady D signs her contract

Collar locked by her Daddy

The weekend started out on Friday with a bang. Our Patriarch Bo put on quite a show for us. He started with a planned ceremony, Collaring his long time slave, family member Lady D. Lady D signed her contract in ink and with a dot of blood, to seal the deal and then Daddy Bo snapped her collar around her neck and locked it with a tiny padlock. As the hugging and congratulations began, Bo said he had one more surprise for everyone and before anyone knew what was going on,

He was on one knee proposing to Domina Skye his long time partner in crime. Skye said yes, and Bo put an unbelievably perfect Diamond engagement ring on Skye's finger that has 2 white gold spiders holding up and guarding the stone! For those of you who know Domina Skye (aka "The Black Widow of the Web") there could not have been a more PERFECT ring!

Much of the Sovereign House Family and a few close friends were there to witness both these happy occasions as well as Lady D creating another Sovereign House Family Classic Moment. For whatever now forgotten reason, she was made to say the word "cock" after quite a bit of sexual teasing by her Master. Evidently overcome with some sort of shameless wanton desire she croaked out the word in a manner that perfectly channeled the Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall. Cooocccckkk came out of her mouth and an instant classic was born!!

Also Jonathon and Miss. Cleos girl Mia signed her contract that evening back at their hotel room. So you can say the weekend was off to a grand start.

The Family had a wonderful dinner out on Saturday evening where Lady D, Jordan and some of the other submissives had the honor of serving the family and their friends. Jordan taught the other slaves how to fold napkins for the dinner. Jordan is the familys official keeper of the origami napkins.

Saturday night was a wonderful night to stroll the dungeon with the family. Jonathon had a great scene with his girl Mia and family friend Tazzy. Jordan enjoyed getting herself tangled up in one of the dungeons webs. Domina Skye had her tied up in one and then proceeded to flog and punch her as well. Also, on Sunday evening Jordan was tied up against a scaffold frozen in a Matrix style kick, where Domina Skye then proceeded to flog Jordan, put huge clamps on various parts of her body and flog them off of her.

We should mention that Bo taught a well attended class on Saturday afternoon entitled "Who's YOUR Daddy?" which is all about being a "daddy" in the scene. It was also rumored that Bo was seen leading some cute "lil girl" (one that is over 18 of course) he met into a very dark corner of the dungeon that evening. Being that he was dressed in full chaps and his biker vest/"colors" we would like to comment that whoever that "lil girl" was... she was a very "lucky" one at that ;).

***Warning.. don't read the next 2 paragraphs if you're squeamish about heavy scenes or would like to continue believing that our family is ONLY "that nice bunch of people who lovingly protect and educate newbies"! Sometimes we play heavy too ;) Also be advised that this scene was negotiated thoroughly via many months of conversation and a detailed negotiation form filled out prior to the scene for all participants to review.

Sunday evening in the dungeon our friend Angelene finally met the entire family, who proceeded to give her the beating of her life! It should be noted that Angelene, who is one of the owners of the Helios Project, is one of the heaviest players we've ever run into. So newbies... although you shouldn't try this at home, a bunch of very experienced players had a realllllllly fun time together!! Angelene started out in the dungeon with family members Bo and Jonathon who started with some paddling, cropping, spanking and a particularly nasty Rat's tail. Miss Cleo and Domina Skye joined in and the 4 of them soon had every part of her body covered with canes, paddles, single tails, leather straps, and pretty much whatever was the heaviest things in their bags. The amazing thing about Angelene is that during all this torture, which would probably make the most grizzled soldier of fortune spill their guts, she carries on casual conversation! She asks if her make up is OK.. she laughs like a crazy loon.. and pretty much acts like she's on a roller coaster! Angelene loves anything that scares her or freaks her out and it's not easy to do. Jon did his best however, putting his 10 years of Navy military training to good use by magically putting Angelene to sleep with some sleeper hold that is evidently taught to Navy people on submarines.

When Angelene came to, she found herself on a medical table in the BR medical room. After a few seconds of disbelief since all she could remember was being "out there and now I'm IN HERE" Angelene was giddy with delight at Jon's trick. But there was little time to appreciate the magical transition as Nurse Domina Skye and Miss Cleo proceeded to pierce her outer labia and then lace the piercings together. Then with Angelenes own blood they wrote in huge letters an S and H in honor of her scene with the Sovereign House family. The scene was almost over, however there was still one important thing left to be done. Angelene had hoped that we could bring her to a point where she'd cry. A very difficult to achieve yet extremely cathartic state for her. After over an hour of constant punishment, Angelene still had not broken but Bo took matters into his own hands by punching and slapping Angelene's tortured thighs and berating her until she broke down into a crying mess!

Many of you may be shocked by what you just read. And you should know that at one point in our BDSM journey, each and every one of us would have been shocked witnessing a scene like this as well. This type of play is not for beginners or for anyone that is not ready to take the responsibility that goes along with a scene that is THIS INTENSE. You should know that you NEVER EVER have to play that hard, and that we RARELY play to that level ourselves. However, please read the following email from Angelene to Bo a few days after BR and you'll see why if properly negotiated, someone might want to play THAT hard.

Dear Bo
ok, so I cant wear my nice small jeans right now because my thighs are too swollen, but that's A-OK with me. :) oh. my. god. What an awesome weekend!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you - I really feel privileged to be the recipient of such intensity, not just from you, but from your whole family as well - just thinking about it still makes me all swoony and grin like a school girl. How much fun was that?! You are the BESTEST of the BESTEST, Please extend my thanks to your family for such a rockin good time!


Angelene was not the only one to have fun Sunday night, Jonathan and Cleos slave Stacy had some fun trying to get out of the rope bondage she was put into and then our good friend "Uncle Jeff" played with Jonathan and Cleo for what seemed like HOURS&that man just laughs and laughs&

Bo closed out the evening by teaming up with his good friend, the infamous "John A" from Florida, and did a very cool "double team", single tail/flogging scene with DC cutie Elsie. Elsie was tied, hands overhead while both Bo and John played with her from either side and rotated around her switching sides over and over. Elsie was a bit nervous about the single tails but quickly relaxed as she realized that this would be a more sensual scene and not one of extreme pain.

Both John and Bo were hilarious at one point as they did an homage to their mutual friend and single tail guru Bob Deegan. With tongues firmly planted in cheek, they playfully discussed how "impossible it is to use a single tail sensually" and how that "Bob Deegan guy has no idea what he's talking about" etc etc... as Elsie writhed with pleasure under their single tails all through the conversation. It was a very hot scene and a lot of fun was had by all!

Some other highlights with the family:
Miss Cleo thought it would be a good idea to give Bo, who is both insane and a collector of penguin paraphernalia, a penguin umbrella which when held upright looks like some sort of penguin scepter. Saturday Lunch was interrupted as Bo kept telescoping the birds neck into the adjoining booths where he kept trying to make Mia kiss the penguin as well as annoy anyone else within 500 feet of it! Later the penguin scepter was seen saying hello to our friend, Bootblack Jim... in mid boot blacking... as well as many other people who questioned Bo's sanity afterwards.

Another nice moment was when Miss Cleo noticed that Jordan was "packing"and instructed Mia to give her a Blowjob with friends Miss. Jessica and her family all watching approvingly!

The great Masturbation contest on Sunday evening was quite fun as well! A family that cums together stays together. Jordan and Lady D were put to the test to see who could cum first... and... well&lets put it this way, always let Mommy and Daddy go first, then the kids&. in the end, are all winners.

Thank you to Black Rose for another fantastic year. Our family started here and each year becomes more memorable than the next. Thank you again for another wonderful event!!


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