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Remembering Black Rose 2002!!!

"It's the most wonderful time? of the year!" sings our curmudgeonly family patriarch Master J (Bo). Is it an early X-Mas that brings out such joy? Nope! It's just another leather family, walk thru the dungeon at Black Rose 2002. Yes Black Rose... the only place to find 2000 like minded perverts all living in harmony under one roof? even if it is only for one weekend!

What can we say but THANK YOU to the wonderful Black Rose folks for throwing their fantastic yearly party down in Washington DC. The Sovereign House crew made their yearly pilgrimage from points as west as California and as east as 181st street in Manhattan, but mostly from good ole New Jersey.

Being that Black Rose is where Sovereign House got their start back in 1999, this event is always special to us as it's kind of our anniversary party as well as a great BDSM play/education/social event.

This year the members of Sovereign House were honored to be asked to present a seminar called "What is a leather family". The presentation was part of a special learning track called "Building Bridges" which brought various different parts of the leather community together to celebrate our unity.

Master J (Bo) also presented his popular seminar "The most important toy in your bag? YOUR BRAIN!!!"

I Hate Being A Baby!!!

Close up of writing

There are truly too many "Family" highlights from the weekend to remember them all but here are a few in no particular order.

Birthday chest punching with kirby and the family as well as birthday singletailing by Domina ~Z~,

Miss Cleo & Jonathon sucking face with our friend Boymeat (Phil), which was especially funny since Phil wasn't aware Jon was Bi when he jammed his tounge down Phil's throat!

Master J (Bo)'s single tail, whiskers, flogging scene with the lovely Morgan on Sunday night,

The classic Domina Skye & DeLano head bondage scenes,

Finally giving our friend Bernie a video copy of the family interrogation scene we did with her LAST year!!!,

Boymeat and Master J (Bo) turning Lady D into a "puddle of D" with an intense scene at the end of Sunday night,

DeLano's beautiful and intense scene with Mistress Yin where she practiced origami on his flexible body, doing several different positions and rope ties,

Cleo and Skye playing with a sub while Jon played with our friend Stacy,

Domina Skye playing "test all the nipple clamps we own" with kirby and DeLano in the hotel room,

and of course who could forget BABY kIRBY...

kirby made the mistake of saying in our seminar that she was the "baby" of the family and we got a good chuckle out of it at the time. However MJ being the devious sort that he is, decided that the situation called for just a bit more humiliation. MJ took kirby over to the local CVS where he proceeded to make her pick out her diapers, pacifier and baby bottle much to her dismay. Then that evening, the Sovereign House ladies dressed kirby up and when she mentioned that she "Hates being a baby", they whipped out some lipstick and wrote her feelings all over her chest. kirby was then paraded through the dungeon for several hours much to the delight of many!

As always... we LOVE YOU BLACK ROSE... thanks for the memories!!!!


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