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Predicament Bondage with Domina Skye

Predicament Bondage comes from the tradition of creating a stressful restraint situation using rope or other materials that become progressively more painful, as a means of punishment or extracting information in many cultures for centuries. In Hojo-jitsu various forms of wrapping and knotting were designed to exert growing discomfort.

I feel that this kind of bondage play can be classified as a type of edge play. It can be a dangerous play, where the top and bottom must both be vigilant for problems such as muscle cramping, circulation problems, or too much stress on joints.

Players should experiment with less intense positions at first and must be willing to communicate during and after the scene. This kind of play isn't recommended for a bottom who isn't in good physical shape.

Predicament bondage can be combined with other types of play to produce the endorphin effect that bottoms crave and to give the visual stimulation and control that tops enjoy. It is intense play, and usually best left until the end of a scene when the bottom is being pushed to the limit. In fact, many of the scenes can last until the bottom safewords out or tears him/herself out of the bondage.

You can combine all positions with regular S/M activity such as beating, flogging, electricity, clothespins, hot wax, etc. When the bottom safewords out, be ready to end the scene quickly. Use panic snaps whenever possible. Keep good scissors at hand (This means that you can SEE them at all times!) in case of emergency to cut rope. Always make sure that if one portion of the bondage fails, you're not going to stress the body to the point of injury. Remember how you've tied the rope and use as few knots as possible.

The following are a few of the many possible positions you can achieve using predicament bondage:

  • Bottom stands with bent legs, genitalia connected to toes, floor, spreader bar, or heavy weight
  • Bottom on all fours, knees off floor at varying heights with genitalia tied to adjustable ceiling winch
  • Bottom stands tiptoe with chest on stool, genitalia tied to ceiling winch
  • Bottom lies on slanted, sliding surface, hands tied overhead, legs supporting weight of body, genitalia tied so legs must remain bent
  • Bottom tied doggie style, wrists tied up to high bedposts or to spreader bar attached to adjustable winch, head or neck down tied to knees or feet
  • Bottom on his/her back, head harness tied to balls or to feet

Here are a few ideas for predicaments without the rope:

  • Bottom plays "52 card pick-up" with genitalia tied to toes, spreader bar, or heavy weight (or, told to find the king of spades, which the top has conveniently stored in his/her back pocket)
  • Bottom places nose on an "X" higher or lower than is comfortable, preferably wearing dunce cap, ass exposed for well-deserved caning
  • Bottom holds object with chin against chest for prolonged period of time
  • Bottom kneels with arms outstretched to the sides and holds objects for prolonged amount of time. Suggested objects: phone books, cups of water (to make this even more difficult, the Bottom may be made to kneel on uncooked rice or coarse grade sand paper)

Domina Skye can be reached via email here at


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