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Domina Skye & DeLano Win Best Rope at TES30!

Congratulations to Sovereign House members Domina Skye & DeLano for winning "Best Rope Bondage" at the TES30 Bondage competition.

TES30 all in all was a LOT of fun. Domina Skye, Master J and DeLano attended and had a blast. Master J was one of the presenters, giving a discussion on Tickling!

As you may have heard, political pressure caused an early end to the first nights dungeon party as police were sent to FIND SOMETHING. They did find "something" and that was the minor offense that although no liquor was served during TES30, the location had a liquor license SO technically you can't be naked in a place that has a license. Police were just doing their job and were for the most part very very friendly.

We were allowed to open back up the next day but slight modifications to the rules were required. We were prohibited to be nude and no penetration.

I'd like to thank all the TES staff especially Partyman for putting in thousands of hours of work into TES30, so that I could just show up and have a good time. Yes evidently some mistakes were made but again.. all in all, we had a lot of fun!


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