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Bo & Skye finally tie the Knot!

Dear Friends:

You know... Ms. Manners says that you get a year to send out your thank you after a wedding.
So look at it this way... we're over 4 months early!!!

We just want to thank everyone who came to the wedding and those who could not make it but sent their well wishes.

It was a very special night for both of us and turned out to be exactly what we had hoped for.
A great night, filled with great people having a great time!

To all of you who were kind enough to give us gifts... thank you so much!
Unfortunately, some of the gifts had no cards and worse, some of the cards were separated from the gifts.
So, please accept this as our sincere thanks and gratitude for your thoughtful gesture.

Both of us want you to know that when we look back and think about our wedding, we can honestly say it was "perfect", thank you for sharing in that with us.

Also, thank you to the many of you who worked so hard to make it such a perfect evening, it meant a lot to us and we'll be forever grateful.

For some long awaited pictures of the evening, please visit and many thanks to Ben our photographer and Bob Elder for taking some great video footage that we'll try to make available on our family site eventually.

Bo & Skye


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