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Sovereign House Take Florida By Storm

Ok... better late then never... right?

We're trying to catch up on some of our adventures and we're finally getting to our: "Sovereign House takes Florida by Storm 04" review.

We spent six wonderful days wandering around Disney, Epcot, Universal Studios and Old Town (a little amusement park right next to our hotel).

Family members Daddy (Bo), Domina Skye, Lady D, Jordan, Mercedes and our friends Mistress Alana, and Uncle Jeff all flew to Florida for a family vacation. We had a suite with two bedrooms and two baths. We not only did typical tourist stuff but we had some great family playtime together too.

Just a few of the highlights:

Before the group set off for their first theme park. Mercedes declared that she needed some of "Daddy Bo's Sunscreen". Well... Bo is very good at making ANYTHING perverted and he didn't disappoint here. He had purchased the stuff that comes in a nice squirt bottle and decided that Mercedes needed to start off each morning kneeling while she requested a liberal "squirt" of "Daddy's special sunscreen" on her face.

Even though she'd like to forget it... a marvelous time was had by all when bo forced D to masturbate in front of the whole family one night. He made her ask each and every member for permission to cum before mercifully allowing her to relieve herself.

There was one too many people riding in the car each day, so Mercedes took to being the designated dead body in the trunk. You should have seen the stares as we got to each amusement park, restaurant, etc... The family piles in... we stuff her in the trunk.... the family piles out... lady pops out of the trunk... very funny stuff!

One night in Old Town, Mercedes proved to be the bravest sovereign house member by taking a dare and flying through the air on the Sky Coaster. This is a lovely little contraption that puts you in a body sling... pulls you up 300 feet in the air and then... DROPS YOU. It's sort of half skydiving, half hang gliding and another half vomit inducing. Mercedes... your a brave girl!

Another night in Old Town... the family had a little karaoke experience which was highlighted by Mercedes's renditions of Billy Joel and Bo doing his infamous Neal Diamond impersonation.

Jordan, Mercedes and Lady D rode a mechanical bull, needless to say this was an adventure. We're still not sure how D got up on the bull.

Daddy (Bo) found out that he would never be an astronaut after visiting EPCOT and taking a ride on Mission Space. Bo doesn't like rides at all as he gets motion sickness... but they said that this was a simulator and he thought it was more like the "Back to the Future" ride at Universal. That's where there is a car bouncing around with a movie screen in front of you. If you don't like that one, you just close your eyes and everything is fine. Bo started to think he was in trouble when he kept reading warning after warning while he was lining up. The warnings said specifically DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES!! "This might be a problem", he thought, as he was ushered into a ridiculously small cramped little box that conveniently had barf bags hanging for all. What he didn't know was that this was a REAL SPACE SIMULATOR... which simulates REAL G FORCES by spinning the whole box around faster and faster until you either feel like your in space... or puke your guts out! Bo didn't actually blow chunks but did grab a barf bag and hang on the wall all the way till he got outside, where he promptly laid in the hot sun on a bench for an hour before he could move. Later he mentioned that half way through the ride he considered screaming like a little girl for the ride to stop... but figured that would really cut into his whole Domly image and suffered in silence!

Although both are now "owned" by Skye and Bo as of 2005, both Jordan and Lady D received their consideration collars in Florida 04. It was a really lovely scene as much of the family and friends were there to see them take this step together.

Imagine our surprise when we were in Disney World and saw a nice place for Skye and Bo to display their slaves to the public. How very thoughtful of old Walt to put some stocks out for us to use!!! LOL... if only the people who were watching had ANY idea how appropriate this pose was! It just goes to show you that BDSM is being accepted more and more every day ;)
As you go through the Dinosaur thrill ride at the Disney Animal Kingdom they take a picture of you as a scary Dinosaur tries to eat you. We thought it was a very cute picture and we decided to purchase a copy so we could put it up here on our website (see NICE pic on the right). Of course... it doesn't end there. Sigh... nothing really ever "ends" when Bo is involved. Bo thought this was a really fun ride, mostly because it's extremely loud and fairly private if you get the right seating arrangement and I think you can smell what's coming next... So Bo decided that he and Lady D would ride again. Mercedes went along and Bo maneuvered them to all sit alone in the front row. When the ride started Bo started to slap D's thighs, undo one side of her overalls and began pinching her nipples. She was screaming but no one had any idea it was because she was doing a "scene". Just as the moment came that the picture was about to be snapped, Bo jammed his hands in little D's crotch and well... if you look below... you'll see... the rest is history.

While we were at Epcot Center we were reminded of the fact that Lady D can sleep anywhere, at any time for however long you'll let her sleep. She will not wake up no matter how many screaming children are around her, no matter how many people spill food next to her and will not even wake up when her whole family gets up from the table and leaves her there in the middle of Epcot alone. Goodnight Lady D!
While At Epcot we ate at a Moroccan restaurant. The food was tasty but we were all very embarrassed when Jordan tried to pick up the hot belly dancer with Lady D's help. Ok... that's not actually true... but it was pretty funny when the girl asked them to dance with her and they were just a litttttttle to eager to participate!
Another Family portrait
at Disney World
(But... who's that weird guy without a face?)
Lady D
learns to swim
Scooby Who?

After the six wonderful days some of the group headed home and Daddy (Bo), Domina Skye, Jordan, lady D and Uncle Jeff drove down to Tampa for Fetish Con 04'. DetailsToys was vending at Fetish Con 04'. Not only did DetailsToys vend, but also BleuFetish Videos found some wonderful girls to help out with their tickling videos.

FetishCon is not your typical event, this is where the crème of de crème of the fetish world gather for autographs, photo shoots and for those fans that want to meet their favorite fetish models up close and personal. In the vending area there is a mixture of all sorts of vendors and models that spend their day meeting and greeting their fans.

The night life brought out all kinds of great meets and greet parties at the hotel, there were some great parties off the hotel premises where you can put on your best latex/ fetish outfit and head out for a great night out on the town.

The only uninvited guest to FetishCon 04' was the hurricane. Yes, folks we got to watch how Mother Nature gets her kinky kicks. It was truly an amazing site, especially when the eye of the storm was over the hotel. We had some minor disruptions at the hotel, but it was towards the end of the weekend. But, over all we had a nice time at FetishCon 04'. It was a weekend to remember. Thank you to everyone who put together FetishCon 04' and helped us through the storm.


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