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Bo & Skye finally tie the Knot! - 10/18/06- Bo and Skye were married March 1st 2006 on the 10 year anniversary of their moving in together. There was a great party at Bacchus studios in NYC and everything went perfectly. Click below to see the thank you sent out and a link to some wedding pictures. 

Sovereign House Take Florida By Storm - 10/05/05- 6 Days in Orlando visiting Mickey Mouse, 4 days at FetishCon in Tampa, a few days traveling and battling a hurricane... Okay... so it was in 2004... yeesh... at least we finally got you the pics... stop complaining and click below!!! 

SH does the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco! - 10/01/05- Many family members and friends met out in San Francisco for the amazing Folsom Street Fair. Stay tuned for pics and more info. 

Camp Crucible was AMAZING! - 6/03/05- Okay... we're really going to try to get you a review on this one soon with lots of great pics. This was an extremely fun event and we thank Frazier and Susan for giving the family the opportunity to teach our first service and protocol immersion program! 

Easter With Our Family - 5/03/05- Our good friend Princess Wendy describes a VERY special "Easter Scene" between Bo and Lady D at Paddles. Click below for pics and a wonderful review. 

Black Rose 04 - Full Story With Pictures! - 1/03/05- Let's start with Bo finally proposing to Skye after living together 9 years! Follow that up with Lady D getting her Collar and Sovereign House Dogpile on the Angelene.... and... and... just click below and read alllllll about it! 

Cleo & Jon Collar Their girl - 3/16/04- Our Miss Cleo and Jonathan have (finally) officially collared their girl, Stacina - aka Bratticus Finch. This collar was years in the making. Congratulations! 

Remembering Leather Retreat 03!!! - 6/16/03- In the words of our friend Boymeat, "We Love Camp". What a great time we had at Leather Retreat 03! Click on the link below for OVER 20 PICTURES & a fun filled overview of our first camp experience. 

A little piercing before school for cookie! - 1/12/03- MJ's little girl cookie is off to college but not without a strategically placed curved barbell on her person. Click on the picture or the link below for the story and pics too! 

Remembering Black Rose 2002!!! - 11/21/02- Click on the picture or the link below for an all new overview with pictures and more text on Sovereign House's "most wonderful time of the year"!! 

Master J Speaks at Columbia BDSM Group - 10/02/02- Master J (Bo) was the guest speaker at the Columbia University Student BDSM support and discussion group, "Conversio Virium". The meeting was held on Sept 30th on the NYC Columbia campus and the topic was SM 101. Bo spoke on a wide variety of topics as well as answered many questions from the audience. 

Ritual piercing for violet - 2/10/02- Master J's little trainee, violet got her labia and clit hood pierced in one of the final rituals leading up to becoming her "Daddy's" slave. This article talks about the various different levels MJ uses in his BDSM relationships as well as describing the "event" in graphic detail with lots of great pix!!! 

Bernadette's Interrogation - 11/16/01- One of the highlights of BR2001 was an intense interrogation scene we did with the lovely Bernadette. Look for a detailed report here within the next few weeks. We've got pictures, video clips and we'll explain how we negotiated the whole experience to make sure something so heavy was still safe, sane, consensual and FUN! But for now... here's a little sample audio clip

Another GREAT Black Rose!!! - 11/05/01- Sovereign House had a wonderful time, as always at BR2001. DeLano flying, Master J flogging, and the whole family interrogating it was some weekend! Thank you Black Rose!!! For more click on the link below. 

Domina Skye & DeLano Win Best Rope at TES30! - 8/13/01- Congratulations to Sovereign House members Domina Skye & DeLano for winning "Best Rope Bondage" at the TES30 Bondage competition. Click below for a quick review of the event. 


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