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Bo is a well known Dom who has been involved in the NYC scene since the mid 80's.

Feeling very "lucky" to be part of the influential BBS/Social Group "The English Palace" during it's heyday in the early 90's, Bo met many wonderful influential people there such as "sub leah", "Phillip Miller", "Molly Devon", and so many others that helped shape him into the "Daddy" we now know and love!

Bo is an active volunteer, Teacher & Advisor with various scene organizations, and has spoken/taught at such events as TES Fest, Black Rose, CLAW, FetishCon, Camp Crucible, Summerbash, The Institute for the arts in Psychotherapy, Columbia University, New York University, Colorado College and many more.

If you are interested in learning more about BDSM, Bo would like to recommend you purchase a copy of his favorite BDSM educational book "Screw the Roses send me the Thorns"!

Bo is a very active member of TES - The Eulenspiegel Society, which is the oldest and largest BDSM education and support group in the USA. He is proud to have been elected to and served as a member of the TES Board of Directors since 2003. His favorite volunteer activity at TES however is as Co-Facilitator of the Novice Group where he has the chance to teach and mentor new people in the scene

Bo is a true Entrepreneur, who has dabbled in many different endevours over the years. Starting in High School, The first 20 years of his life was spent in the Music Business. He was a producer, manager, video director and even wrote a nationally syndicated music business advice column. This led to a very successful, vanilla Web Design & Promotion company in the late 90's. More recently he continues working with the internet but seems to be spending more and more of his time with his fetish video company, Bleufetish Videos and developing video distribution software with his company ClipFlix. Bo and his Wife Skye also own the popular flogger company Details Toys.

Bo has worked hard to create a lifestyle that is right for "him" and his family. One of his favorite topics to teach in the Scene is "the importance of communication and Integrity in relationships" and feels this is essential especially for "alternative" relationships.

In 2006 Bo and fellow family member and "partner in crime" Domina Skye, finally tied the knot and were married on the 10 year anniversary of their moving in together in 1996. They live in Northern NJ with their 4 very spoiled cats and entertain a constant flow of friends, family, play partners and slaves to the Sovereign House Main Headquarters.

Bo is the loving Daddy and Proud Owner of his 2 beautiful "lil girls", Lady D and Anna and is the Patriarch of the Sovereign House family.



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