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DeLano has been active in the scene since the mid 90's.

He started out as a fetish model for such publications as Dominant Mystique and Fetish World but quickly graduated to his own Website, DeLano In Distress.

He has also performed at many Manhattan fetish venues and events, including The Black and Blue Ball, Mistress Evita's What is Fetish Party, Click & Drag and Gomorrah.

Delano has recently shut down DeLano In Distress to concentrate on a new site, DeLano Bound, which he designs to be more in touch with his evolution in the scene as a bondage player. He now considers himself a rope switch, playing on both sides of the rope on the site and in life.

DeLano is also acquiring his credentials as a bondage educator. He has taught basic and advanced rope bottoming classes at TES Fest in NYC and Shibaricon in Chicago. He has also assisted Midori in teaching her three-day intensive Rope Dojo in D.C. and in San Francisco.


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